Additional Services

Details about additional services that are provided by Hannah Draeger Ross.

Contact Hannah to discuss the details of your project.

Art Valuations

Please note that any Art valuations on pieces in your collection by other artists are simply researched details about any artwork you are preparing for appraisal. A dossier on the artist and their history will be provided for an affordable fee with directions on auction houses and art appraisers in your area.

Creative Writing

Any special projects involving creative writing or illustrations can be discussed in detail at your convenience.

Click on the links below for examples of previous writing projects and articles:

Blood, Sweat and Beers
Food & Travel
Northern Exposure
My Manhattan
Record Store
Short Story
Women’s Rights


Illustrations may take longer than other services as they are matching narrative or other storylines. The artist does not accept un-solicited manuscripts. All projects need to be discussed before illustrations begin and require signing an artist agreement form.

Video Montage DVD’s

We will use your very own photos, captions, drawings, old event items, and memorabilia. We add period music of that era to create the perfect DVD of your very own Family History. Your “Virtual Scrapbook©” is the perfect gift for Birthday, Holiday, Family Reunion or Family Remembrance events.

All video projects require copyright release or signed authorization of ownership.

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